December Favorites | 2017



I’ve been loving this palette from ColourPop this December. You Had Me At Hello is the perfect palette for a neutral look, but also includes pops of burgundy and plenty of shimmery shades. Swatching the shades revealed that they aren’t as pigemented as ColourPop’s Super Shock shadows, but with a good primer they will show up and blend very well! For the $18 price, this palette is absolutely worth it.



These sparkly sneakers from Express are perfect for adding a pop to any outfit. When I saw them in-store, I admit I wasn’t totally sure how much of my closet would match these metallic shoes, but I just haddd to buy them anyway. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that they actually go with a lot almost any casual sweater, pair of jeans, or t-shirt. Plus, they are currently half-off which is always excuse enough to buy a piece a little outside your typical!

I’ve been wearing this gorgeous, simple bracelet (also from Express) almost everyday this month. The geometric sparkles accent the delicate cuff perfectly, adding just the right amount of sparkle. Sometimes it’s hard to find bracelets that fit my skinny wrist, but this one flexes to fit almost anyone, including me!



Paris in Color by Nichole Roberston is a lovely little coffee table book. Each page displays photos of Paris color by color- blue, lavender, pink and more. I love anything organized by color, so this book is ultra-satisfying to flip through. We can’t all live in Paris, but Paris in Color is a beautiful way to see the little details of the city in a colorful way. Robertson’s book is full of photography inspo, and it’s a totally refreshing way to spend a few minutes of down time.

December Playlist

A Vibe | I Like Me Better – Lauv
A Bop | What Lovers Do – Maroon 5
Chill | Your Shirt – Chelsea Cutler
Feel Good | Don’t Know Why – Gavin James
Acoustic | This Is Why I Need You – Jesse Ruben
Remix | Weak – Boonz Tropical Remix

There you have it- my December favorites! What have been your faves this month? ❈



Autumn Recap 2017

dorm livin | azusa pacific | 8.31.17

coffee lovin | bear coast coffee | 9.23.17

lookin down | pumpkin patch | 10.27.17

maize maze | pumpkin patch | 10.27.17

round two | holy matcha | 11.4.17

hi. | bing haus | 11.5.17


Autumn was an absolute ride, y’all.

September – November have been both the most fun and most stressful months of my life. Starting college has allowed me to figure out a little better what I want to do with my life, how to do life independently, and what is worth my time. From visits home to days out with friends to nights shutting down the library, here are a few words to describe my first semester.


The independence of college = 2 a.m. taco runs and friends around 24/7. I’m so not used to living a 3 minute walk away from all my friends and hanging out way too late talking, eating too much, or studying when we actually get the discipline to focus. The spontaneity and freedom of college has been a lotta fun, all while having home less than an hour away. I’ve even been enjoying classes (or at least some of them lol).


With more studying, more homework, and more responsibility than ever, I can’t deny that the first semester was a challenging one. While it was definitely overwhelming at times, I’ve learned a lot about time management and prioritization. My organization skills have grown and procrastination has lessened, so I’m gonna say this semester has been a win no matter what my grades come to (but it’s looking pretty good rn, nbd :P).


Finally, studying public relations and journalism has helped me see exactly what it is I’d be doing in each career path, and has solidified my thoughts on each. While I originally anticipated focusing primarily on journalism, my decision to change my major to public relations is now proven to be the right one for me. I’ll always love writing, but I realize I want to gear my focus on more relational skills offered in PR. I’ve even been able to use this blog to explore the PR industry in one of my classes.  Plus, dabbling in social media and taking an event planning position on campus has made me excited to turn these interests into a career.

May the next semester be as fulfilling as the last. ❈

Public Relations

Love, Little Rock: The City’s Breakup with Amazon HQ2

The Power of Reputation

Amazon put out the call for a city to house their second headquarters. Inevitably, several cities jumped at the shot to boost their economy, population, and appeal.

With requirements such as a population over 1 million, ample space for the new offices, and proximity to an airport, Amazon received several intriguing proposals. Iconic cities such as Boston, New York, Dallas, and Washington D.C. jumped at the opportunity. All Amazon had to do was send out the call, knowing their reputation would entice the best of the best. Not many companies have the kind of power to influence the cities that are already so influential. Amazon knows this, and used this power to their ultimate advantage. They could have made it a quiet agreement between them and a city of their prior choosing, but they turned it into a public race. This upped their publicity and created a stir in America’s metropolitan capitals.

“Dear Amazon: It’s not you, it’s us.”

Among these cities in the running for Amazon’s heart was Little Rock, Arkansas. However, Little Rock stepped back and decided that they don’t want in on the race that America’s top cities were desperate to win. Instead, Little Rock opted to launch the “Love, Little Rock” campaign.

After taking a second look at the prize they were working toward, Little Rock decided to drop out. The city concluded that the appeal of such a major company making its home in their city was not worth the effect it would have. Population, traffic congestion, and overall vibes of the city would have to change dramatically. To be honest, I don’t blame them. Little Rock saw this “breakup” as a chance to put themselves out there for other brands. Launching promoted their best attributes. Staying true to yourself and your brand while being open to innovation and change is a challenge. Little Rock has managed to make the tough call and put itself first.

While Amazon HQ2 would bring in income, citizens, and appeal for a city, they are not a good match for everyone. Little Rock was able to recognize this, and step out of the race. I commend them for doing so in a way that was light, humorous, and promoted themselves to other companies or potential new residents. “Love, Little Rock” was a classy and clear way to do what is best for the city while maintaining a confident and clean reputation. ❈


Public Relations

#HR4HR: T-Mobile’s Home Run Rally for Hurricane Relief

Two hot topics on social media, news, and in conversation today are the World Series and hurricane relief. T-Mobile is smartly using their platform as the wireless sponsor of Major League Baseball to raise awareness and donate money to relief in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico with their #HR4HR campaign.

So, here’s how it all works.

For every home run, T-Mobile will donate $10,000 to Team Rubicon. For every tweet including the #HR4HR (Home Runs for Hurricane Relief), they will donate an extra $1. T-Mobile customers can also donate by texting MARIA, HARVEY or IRMA to 90999 to add an extra $10 to their next phone bill towards hurricane relief.

Team Rubicon’s primary mission is providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters, be they domestic or international. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Team Rubicon aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible. – Team Rubicon

T-Mobile’s partnership with the MLB and Team Rubicon is definitely creating an impact by unifying baseball fans and beyond to raise awareness and funds for hurricane relief. It is a strategic and influential move to donate $1 for each #HR4HR tweet because it allows social media users to get in on the action. Allowing T-Mobile users to donate an extra $10 on their phone bill is a very efficient and convenient way for customers to give back as well, making it easy and accessible.

Oftentimes, people don’t quite know how to respond or help during times of crisis. T-Mobile is giving Americans a simple and impactful way to spread awareness and contribute funds. An added plus for the brand is a spike in reputation, showing potential customers on the nationwide World Series stage that they are a brand that cares. ❈

Public Relations

Hardee’s < Carl's Jr. < Amazon?

Amazon's ownership web

As one of the most well-known, successful companies in the US today, Amazon has recently begun venturing into the food industry. They already sell almost everything customers can think of, and are a go-to brand when you need a unique, specific, or affordable product. With experience in tech, apparel, streaming, and books, it only makes sense for them to become involved in food as well. Buying Whole Foods was a big step for them, as it broadened their horizons and upped their physical presence on top of their e-commerce success. And here’s where Carl’s Jr. comes in.

Carl’s Jr.: Bold or Desperate?

In a twitter thread featuring #AmazonBuyUs, Carl’s Jr. begged the mega-company to literally buy them, along with Hardee’s. This Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s relationship was not one I was previously aware of, but Hardee’s was bought by Carl’s Jr. to broaden their franchises from coast to coast, much like Carl’s Jr. wants Amazon to buy them that they may broaden Amazon’s reach into the food industry. It’s a food chain, if you will.

Like many twitter users, I find the #AmazonBuyUs campaign to be a tad desperate, and garnered more cringes than laughs. While it certainly caught the attention of social media users, #AmazonBuyUs was not very successful otherwise. ❈


Public Relations

Making it in LA: LA Original

Los Angeles is a city for the dreamers, the starry-eyed, and the influencers. Everybody wants to make it in LA, but LA Original gives the phrase a whole new twist.

LA Original provides a platform to showcase our diverse makers and promote locally designed, assembled, or manufactured goods through a line of LA-branded products from across Los Angeles — with proceeds supporting creative entrepreneur programs. In addition, LA Original encourages people to shop local while providing a new badge of LA pride for residents and visitors alike. Our new dynamic and intentionally collaborative mark for LA, represents the unique creative culture here in Los Angeles. It will be the first mark to embody LA’s creativity as a place that gives people the space to create and to make what’s next.

With makers such as Sprinkles, Orly, and Made by DWC, LA Original has a very diverse and authentically LA array of products. These groups have, quite literally, made it in LA. The proceeds received by the project go to the Downtown Women’s Center, an organization offering women in need a community to assist in overcoming homelessness and poverty. Essentially, the products manufactured and created in LA are drawing funds that go right back to LA’s homeless. Personally, I love this concept. It’s a city supporting itself, taking pride in itself, and growing itself.

LA Original is the ultimate example of making it in LA. ❈

Public Relations

Top 10 Millennial Brands

AdWeek has recently published an article on the top 10 millennial brands of 2017. Some were a total surprise, especially in comparison to the 2016 top 10 list…

2017 vs 2016 Top Millennial Brands

YouGov BrandIndex’s July release of favorite brands shows just how much the trends can change in a couple months, and proves that no brand should get too comfortable in the top 10! While the list may change in a heartbeat, here’s what I think about the current top 10. ❈


Public Relations

Childhood Brands That Still Stand

Growing up, kids are surrounded by tons of brands of toys, snacks, and entertainment. Some of my favorite childhood brands I remember most vividly are still alive and well today, even if they’ve evolved significantly. Of the many toys, franchises, and entertainment I enjoyed as a kid, Disney and Hasbro are the companies that stand out the most as I look back.


What kid isn’t completely and utterly obsessed with all things Disney? I was the little girl running around Disneyland in a princess dress asking Cinderella for an autograph and singing “Part of Your World” incessantly. Disney is one of Forbes Top 25 public companies, and for good reason. The brand has inserted itself into many industries, including amusement parks, film, television, publishing, music, retail, and travel. While their prices may be going up, consumers will still dish out the cash to experience “the happiest place on earth.” Disney designs their movies to grow up with the children who watch them, strategically releasing sequels so their beloved characters grow older with the audience. Reviving and rebooting classics also attracts viewers of every generation. Disney Channel and even Disneyland have seen a lot changes, but Disney as a whole has remained one of the most popular companies among not only children, but teens and adults as well.


With classic games such as Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, and Battleship under their belt, Hasbro has managed to stay afloat in the board game industry despite newer technologies like iPads and Xbox. I loved playing board games with my family and friends as a kid, and to this day I never mind playing a Hasbro game with little cousins or kids I babysit. While it’s undeniable that apps and video games are taking precedence for a lot of kids, Hasbro’s toys and games are still sitting pretty at the top of the toy industry. Their partnerships with other companies such as Disney and Dreamworks plays off of children’s favorite film characters, promoting their own toys as well as the movies. If they continue to evolve their products based on kids’ interests, they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


It’s hard to keep a kid’s attention for 30 minutes, much less a decade. Companies like Disney and Hasbro know how to grow up with their audience, and appeal to the children of their previous audience. It takes constant evaluation and evolving to stay relevant in such a fast-paced industry such as leisure and entertainment, but these brands are doing it right.