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The Campaigns of Cannes

Awards shows such as the Oscars, Grammys, and Tonys are known nationwide as events that honor the best of the best. The Cannes Lions Festival also does just that, but instead within the creative world. Of the many innovative and influential campaigns recognized at the festival, here are three that stood out to me most.

Refugee Nation

The Olympic refugee team triumphantly waving to the crowds during the Parade of Nations was a strong opener for an even stronger creative concept. Establishing a flag design to bring the world’s refugees together truly solidified them as a nation. The orange color, inspired by life jackets, is a unique and bold choice for a unique and bold move to create a nation for refugees to call their own. Depicting refugees from around the world holding and waving the flag shows that no matter where these refugees are, they are connected by this symbol of unity. Sean Anderson of Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art explains that “we live in such a visual world now that people will start to recognize the flag with the discussion.” The strength of this project is found in its impact of not only bringing refugees together, but creating a symbol to spark discussion and create a concrete image to trigger awareness, thought, and conversation about the refugee nation.


MailChimp’s “Did You Mean” campaign is everything but boring. The brand recognizes its image as an email marketing service isn’t exactly the most interesting, but they certainly make up for it in their eclectic, humorous campaign drawing the public in enough to actually figure out what MailChimp is. With names like NailChamp, WhaleSynth, and FailChips, MailChimp does an undeniably effective job at creating content that viewers will not soon forget. By planting components of the campaign in so many industries, they created press and audience interaction almost immediately. While nail art competitions, whale noise instruments, and crushed up chips are not representative of MailChimp’s services whatsoever, they get the company’s name out there. They also provoke their audience to simply google it, where, thanks to a paid search campaign, they are greeted with none of other than, “Did You Mean MailChimp?”

Fearless Girl

Standing proudly on Wall Street facing the iconic Charging Bull statue, Fearless Girl made waves in not only Manhattan, but the entire nation. She represents female strength, leadership, and power, and stands for all women of the world. While a sculpture is often thought of as stationery, and impactful for a certain community, Fearless Girl has become an icon throughout the nation thanks to social media, press, and her well-timed unveiling for International Women’s Day. Specifically designed to represent every woman without marginalization, the sculpture represents the future of women in coming generations, as well as calls women to remember what it was like when they themselves were fearless little girls.

Seeing all these innovative and impactful campaigns gave me a better appreciation for people’s work in the creative field. I so look forward to seeing future campaigns, and eventually being a part of their creation. ❈


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