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Hardee’s < Carl's Jr. < Amazon?

Amazon's ownership web

As one of the most well-known, successful companies in the US today, Amazon has recently begun venturing into the food industry. They already sell almost everything customers can think of, and are a go-to brand when you need a unique, specific, or affordable product. With experience in tech, apparel, streaming, and books, it only makes sense for them to become involved in food as well. Buying Whole Foods was a big step for them, as it broadened their horizons and upped their physical presence on top of their e-commerce success. And here’s where Carl’s Jr. comes in.

Carl’s Jr.: Bold or Desperate?

In a twitter thread featuring #AmazonBuyUs, Carl’s Jr. begged the mega-company to literally buy them, along with Hardee’s. This Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s relationship was not one I was previously aware of, but Hardee’s was bought by Carl’s Jr. to broaden their franchises from coast to coast, much like Carl’s Jr. wants Amazon to buy them that they may broaden Amazon’s reach into the food industry. It’s a food chain, if you will.

Like many twitter users, I find the #AmazonBuyUs campaign to be a tad desperate, and garnered more cringes than laughs. While it certainly caught the attention of social media users, #AmazonBuyUs was not very successful otherwise. ❈


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