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Making it in LA: LA Original

Los Angeles is a city for the dreamers, the starry-eyed, and the influencers. Everybody wants to make it in LA, but LA Original gives the phrase a whole new twist.

LA Original provides a platform to showcase our diverse makers and promote locally designed, assembled, or manufactured goods through a line of LA-branded products from across Los Angeles — with proceeds supporting creative entrepreneur programs. In addition, LA Original encourages people to shop local while providing a new badge of LA pride for residents and visitors alike. Our new dynamic and intentionally collaborative mark for LA, represents the unique creative culture here in Los Angeles. It will be the first mark to embody LA’s creativity as a place that gives people the space to create and to make what’s next.

With makers such as Sprinkles, Orly, and Made by DWC, LA Original has a very diverse and authentically LA array of products. These groups have, quite literally, made it in LA. The proceeds received by the project go to the Downtown Women’s Center, an organization offering women in need a community to assist in overcoming homelessness and poverty. Essentially, the products manufactured and created in LA are drawing funds that go right back to LA’s homeless. Personally, I love this concept. It’s a city supporting itself, taking pride in itself, and growing itself.

LA Original is the ultimate example of making it in LA. ❈

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