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Top 10 Millennial Brands

AdWeek has recently published an article on the top 10 millennial brands of 2017. Some were a total surprise, especially in comparison to the 2016 top 10 list…

2017 vs 2016 Top Millennial Brands

YouGov BrandIndex’s July release of favorite brands shows just how much the trends can change in a couple months, and proves that no brand should get too comfortable in the top 10! While the list may change in a heartbeat, here’s what I think about the current top 10. ❈


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Childhood Brands That Still Stand

Growing up, kids are surrounded by tons of brands of toys, snacks, and entertainment. Some of my favorite childhood brands I remember most vividly are still alive and well today, even if they’ve evolved significantly. Of the many toys, franchises, and entertainment I enjoyed as a kid, Disney and Hasbro are the companies that stand out the most as I look back.


What kid isn’t completely and utterly obsessed with all things Disney? I was the little girl running around Disneyland in a princess dress asking Cinderella for an autograph and singing “Part of Your World” incessantly. Disney is one of Forbes Top 25 public companies, and for good reason. The brand has inserted itself into many industries, including amusement parks, film, television, publishing, music, retail, and travel. While their prices may be going up, consumers will still dish out the cash to experience “the happiest place on earth.” Disney designs their movies to grow up with the children who watch them, strategically releasing sequels so their beloved characters grow older with the audience. Reviving and rebooting classics also attracts viewers of every generation. Disney Channel and even Disneyland have seen a lot changes, but Disney as a whole has remained one of the most popular companies among not only children, but teens and adults as well.


With classic games such as Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, and Battleship under their belt, Hasbro has managed to stay afloat in the board game industry despite newer technologies like iPads and Xbox. I loved playing board games with my family and friends as a kid, and to this day I never mind playing a Hasbro game with little cousins or kids I babysit. While it’s undeniable that apps and video games are taking precedence for a lot of kids, Hasbro’s toys and games are still sitting pretty at the top of the toy industry. Their partnerships with other companies such as Disney and Dreamworks plays off of children’s favorite film characters, promoting their own toys as well as the movies. If they continue to evolve their products based on kids’ interests, they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


It’s hard to keep a kid’s attention for 30 minutes, much less a decade. Companies like Disney and Hasbro know how to grow up with their audience, and appeal to the children of their previous audience. It takes constant evaluation and evolving to stay relevant in such a fast-paced industry such as leisure and entertainment, but these brands are doing it right. 


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The Campaigns of Cannes

Awards shows such as the Oscars, Grammys, and Tonys are known nationwide as events that honor the best of the best. The Cannes Lions Festival also does just that, but instead within the creative world. Of the many innovative and influential campaigns recognized at the festival, here are three that stood out to me most.

Refugee Nation

The Olympic refugee team triumphantly waving to the crowds during the Parade of Nations was a strong opener for an even stronger creative concept. Establishing a flag design to bring the world’s refugees together truly solidified them as a nation. The orange color, inspired by life jackets, is a unique and bold choice for a unique and bold move to create a nation for refugees to call their own. Depicting refugees from around the world holding and waving the flag shows that no matter where these refugees are, they are connected by this symbol of unity. Sean Anderson of Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art explains that “we live in such a visual world now that people will start to recognize the flag with the discussion.” The strength of this project is found in its impact of not only bringing refugees together, but creating a symbol to spark discussion and create a concrete image to trigger awareness, thought, and conversation about the refugee nation.


MailChimp’s “Did You Mean” campaign is everything but boring. The brand recognizes its image as an email marketing service isn’t exactly the most interesting, but they certainly make up for it in their eclectic, humorous campaign drawing the public in enough to actually figure out what MailChimp is. With names like NailChamp, WhaleSynth, and FailChips, MailChimp does an undeniably effective job at creating content that viewers will not soon forget. By planting components of the campaign in so many industries, they created press and audience interaction almost immediately. While nail art competitions, whale noise instruments, and crushed up chips are not representative of MailChimp’s services whatsoever, they get the company’s name out there. They also provoke their audience to simply google it, where, thanks to a paid search campaign, they are greeted with none of other than, “Did You Mean MailChimp?”

Fearless Girl

Standing proudly on Wall Street facing the iconic Charging Bull statue, Fearless Girl made waves in not only Manhattan, but the entire nation. She represents female strength, leadership, and power, and stands for all women of the world. While a sculpture is often thought of as stationery, and impactful for a certain community, Fearless Girl has become an icon throughout the nation thanks to social media, press, and her well-timed unveiling for International Women’s Day. Specifically designed to represent every woman without marginalization, the sculpture represents the future of women in coming generations, as well as calls women to remember what it was like when they themselves were fearless little girls.

Seeing all these innovative and impactful campaigns gave me a better appreciation for people’s work in the creative field. I so look forward to seeing future campaigns, and eventually being a part of their creation. ❈


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How Do I Define Public Relations?

What is my understanding of public relations?

The misconceptions and definitions of PR are seemingly endless both among industry professionals and the general public. When I tell others I am a PR major, the inevitable follow up question is none other than, “so, what exactly does that mean?” To be completely honest, my understanding of the industry was certainly clouded by the immense amount of information I was bombarded by when I googled, “what is public relations.” After more careful research, lectures from professors, and my notes on what PR professionals have to say about their field, I have a much more solid understanding about where I am headed in the public relations industry and why I am motivated to study it the rest of my academic career.

PR is using communication skills to form relationships between organizations and their respective publics using ethical, organic, strategic means to build the best reputation possible and gain a loyal audience. Synthesized from the Public Relations Society of America, Forbes magazine, and my studies in books on the PR industry, my own personal definition of PR is one I have developed carefully, but expect to evolve as this ever-changing industry does. On top of my research on what public relations is, I have found that it is just as important to understand what public relations is not. PR is not about spinning the truth to put on a facade for the public, and is not a cushy job for people who want to make easy money.

Building a better understanding and forming a clearer view of what public relations is and is not has helped me envision what my future in the industry will consist of. By approaching articles, text, and the words of PR professionals with the intention of pulling what I believe to be important and true of the industry, my understanding of public relations has become more personal and more stable, and I am ready with a consistent answer for those who ask me what I am doing in my studies, and where I hope my education will take me. ❈


The HI Life



Oahu was a dream.

My one week spent on the island was one of good food, plenty of beachin, and finally getting tan 😛 Hawaii is a world of its own with a culture and lifestyle so specific to the island. The laid back vibes are perfect for a vacation, on top of the crazy amounts of shave ice, plant life, and sunny beaches. The waves are blue and the waters are warm, a welcome difference from the freezing, grey oceans in SoCal. A highlight for me was snorkeling on the daily to explore the reefs and watch the fish, an experience I now miss back home. I loved seeing the underwater wildlife up close, and definitely got some awesome GoPro shots in the ocean.

From Waikiki to the North Shore, from secluded jungles to the streets of Honolulu, we got to experience both the natural and urban sides of the island. The total tourist in me took way too many sunset pictures, but it was so worth it. Macadamia nut pancakes from Boots and Kimo’s are one of the best breakfasts I have ever had, and I definitely ate way too much shave ice. For me, food is a highlight of any trip. Oahu definitely delivered.

Staying at Disney’s Aulani was an unforgettable experience in itself. As a huge Disney fan, I gotta admit I took a picture with that one wooden Stitch statue that everyone who stays at Aulani posts on Instagram. Handing out leis as we checked in and leaving Mickey chocolates on our pillows, Disney never fails to deliver a magical experience.

I could never leave California, but Oahu’s now got me dreaming of living the island life again. I’m so looking forward to another trip of laid back time experiencing nature, the ocean, and Hawaiian culture. ❈

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Love You So Matcha

Holy Matcha
Holy Matcha
Holy Matcha
Holy Matcha
Holy Matcha

Holy matcha, I’m obsessed with this place.

Nothing says trendy Insta hot spot like avocado toast, marble tabletops, and pink velvet seats. Holy Matcha in San Diego is a new favorite cafe of mine for the insanely cute decor and pretty drinks to match. Pink lemonade has never looked so good, and the green palm leaf wallpaper is giving me major Beverly Hills Hotel vibes. Plus, the blush pink plate says “oh matcha” in actual matcha. What more could I ask for?

TBH I’m not the biggest fan of matcha, but their rose lemonade and avocado toast are alternatives that totally rival their focus on matcha. If a matcha skeptic can find this much to love about a literal matcha cafe, that’s an accomplishment all on its own. It only seems fitting to try the matcha drinks the cafe is named for, and is the perfect excuse to make the trek back down to SD. Catch me sipping a gorgeous latte in this pretty pink booth soon. ❈

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San Diego for the Day

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Brandy Melville
Cardigan: Brandy Melville
Socks: Forever 21
Booties: Tillys

For a born and raised SoCal gal, I sure don’t hit San Diego much. I’m now learning how many hidden gems SD has got to offer, and am positive there’s always more to see and more to do. Pigment boutique was an absolutely awesome find, full of minimal and millennial style decor and gifts, including Sugarfina gummy bears I couldn’t help but buy. I’ll definitely be back for their terrariums + plants as summer approaches and succulents are calling my name. Balboa Park seemed absolutely endless, with tons of greenery among the beautiful buildings that stretched far beyond the length my heeled booties could take me 😛

One thing that stood out to me in the streets of SD were the totally unique signs and typography in and out of the stores lining the streets of North Park. I’m a sucker for neon and marquee-style lights, and San Diego certainly got me good in this department. Wall decor inspiration? I think yes.

San Diego’s got tons to offer from shops to cafes to architecture and nature, and while LA will always have my heart, SD is a new favorite for me. ❈